Under The West Indian Sky

In tonight’s torrents I think the time to tell has come. It is with a great amount of contrived patience that I produce this correspondence. I would have written sooner but the weather prevented me. The sky hidden away in her grey blankets refused to give counsel and I couldn’t make the decision on my own. I couldn’t find the words by myself. I couldn’t approach you without mediation.

When we met I felt the first drops of the rainy season. It was, for me, the most definitive, duplicitous and sensual moment of the year; a time that gave me the ability to align my imagination with actual experiences of you and start the production of this work. I wish our moment could have remained but there was too much rain.

An Albino Snake

I just lay there for a while after regaining consciousness. Directly above me was the stain in the ceiling where the roof leaked. It looked like a big gray map of South Africa. And that darker gray spot at the centre where the water oozed through when it rained was exactly where Jozi was located.

Or, better still, maybe it was exactly where I, Sabelo … (well, you don’t need to know my last name) formerly of … well, far from that dirty grey patch, was now located,

I thought of my life like the slow drip, drip, drip of that leaking roof, and my body was like the puddle it made on the floor.


0 Cries ring out, interrupting the humdrum of feet scuttling up and down the corridors.
Two sets of eyes stare down, tears well up within them as hopes and dreams, still in their infancy, manifest themselves within.
One set looks up, blank and unknowing, tinkling with untapped innocence.

5 Your screams are filled with unbridled joy, small hands, small feet reach out as if reaching for the sky.
Coloured wings flutter just out of reach, and yet that crooked grin widens. Unfettered by thoughts of the life ahead.

14 Hair falls over your eyes as you try to hide the red of your blushing cheeks.
In the background the deep drone of your teacher’s voice is interrupted only by the harmonious giggling of a group of girls at a table nearby.